Here I list sources which may pertain to this website's thesis.  I seek suggestions for other sources.  You may find notes on my notation at the end of this page.

Alchian, Armen, "Uncertainty, Evolution and Economic Theory", Journal of Political Economy, 58:211-21, 1950. (rc 1/11/2014)

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Wikipedia, entry on New Institutional Economics (rc 6/15/2013)

Wikipedia, entry on Wealth (rc 6/24/2013)

Williamson, Claudia R., "Civilizing Society", The Journal of Private Enterprise 27(1), 2011.  (rc 3/27/2014)

Williamson, Oliver E., Markets and Hierarchies, analysis and antitrust implications: a study in the economics of internal organization, Free Press, 1975 (ec 5/1/2014)

Wissner-Gross, A.D., and C. E. Freer, "Causal entropic forces", Physical Review Letters 110, 168702, 2013,  (tbr 6/27/2013)

Notes on Notation

The list above contains a mix of sources.  The list includes some which I have already read or examined, and others which have come to my attention but which I have not yet read or examined.  I note these categories in parentheses at the end of the listings.

If I have completed reading of source, the note will say "rc" and the date.  If I have completed examination of a source (by examination I mean a more superficial perusal than reading) the note will say "ec" and the date.  If I have not yet read or even examined a source, the note will say "tbr" (to be read) or "tbe" and the date.

If, after examining a source, I decide that it bears no relation to the thesis, then I will probably remove it from this list rather than leave it in the list.

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