Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Is this a blog?

This website is not a blog, not in the sense of a website which gives today's reactions to today's news.  Rather, this website aims to advance a single thesis.  It is more focused than a blog.  Although it retains some features of a blog.

I have tried to structure the homepage so a first-time viewer may understand what this website is about.   The homepage announces the thesis, as shortened into one sentence, and gives links to pages where first-time viewers may find answers to their most likely questions.

The blog-like aspects which this website retains are as follows:

  • The website is being developed on blogging software, on Blogger as provided by Google.
  • The development of the thesis advances one entry (or one post) at a time.  When I have something to add, I will generally add it as a new entry.
  • The most recent entry appears headlined on the homepage, with earlier entries appearing under that in reverse time order.
  • I seek comments with suggestions and corrections from people who glimpse the direction I am trying to find.

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